[200q20v] Larger BBS rims

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There is an OEM set of 16x8s for the V8 that work perfectly, if they can be
They're very rare, it seems- I have only seen one set, and that was on a car
was for sale.

You can't use the fitments you mention on an Audi.

If you can find a set of 16 or 17x7.5 or x8, ET35 BBS RG or RS, they will
look very similar to the OEM BBS wheels on the '91 200q. The key is if you
can find a set....


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I'd love to find a set of 16" 0r 17" rims that preserve the look of the OEM
BBS wheels. I have noticed rims on a Lincoln Town Car and an older Infiniti
Q45 that appear almost identical to the OEM's. Have any of you sussed this
Richard E. Berlin, Jr.
Two '91 200q20v Avants
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