[200q20v] Toms' 200

Neil Swanson 75377.3445 at compuserve.com
Wed Mar 28 20:45:14 EST 2001


I'm going to step in here now.  I do understand your frustration.  What you
seem to ignore is that there was a TSB on stalling and speedo problems. 
Your speedo is now OK right?  The speedo needle is now steady right?

The TSB stated a speedo AND stalling problem remember.  Also remember it
does not always stall does it.  You don't have stalling at lights or at all
other times so that makes it tougher to duplicate.

The stalling isn't fixed.  OK. The valve tests OK. It holds vacuum.  Valves
work or they don't.  They leak or they don't.   We drive the car and it
does not stall for us.  Did we replace all hoses going to the valve?  No
because it didn't stall for us.

Next visit we should replace the valve and replace all related hoses going
to the valve.  Then we'll drive it.  If it does not stall for us we'll
assume problem fixed.  Is it not fair for us to repair a car, drive a car,
and if the problem doesn't appear assume it doesn't have one?

Also I sent you e-mail stating I would meet you there on my own time, on a
Saturday after a 56 hour work week with my own tools and my own known good
BPV and other parts.  I would install a valve and inspect the hoses and/or
replace them.  This is a good will gesture I made as an owner of the same
car and experience with them.

You never responded to my offer. A free offer!  You choose instead to send
posts like the most recent one.  Why didn't you respond?

 And what if it isn't the BPV afterall?  Most have given you advice that it
is. What if it isn't .   A bad idle speed controller could do this and they
never throw a fault code.  We replace alot of these parts on the V-6s.   No
fault and stalling = a bad ISC.  But we aren't going to put a dealer price
$285 part on your car when it doesn't stall.  At least not when we've
driven it. 

  We're trying not to install parts  you don't need.  We knew what would
fix the speedo based on experience.   The shops experience isn't pointing
for sure to the BPV.  


So if you don't want to spend more money with us don't.  Take all the
collective advice given here and run with it.  Installing a BPV and some
hose is easy.  A $40 part and some hose.  I think you should try it
yourself.  You're going to buy the parts anyway no matter who does it.  Why
not save on the labor?


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