[200q20v] Re: tach swap

Derek Pulvino dpulvino at agraus.com
Wed Mar 28 21:01:47 EST 2001


Don't think it'll fit, but don't have any first hand knowledge with the alledged replacement.  Out of curiosity, is the speedometer on one of those cars electronic or mechanical?

Derek P

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Subject: [200q20v] tach swap 

Does anyone know if a tach from an 83 turbo 5000 would fit in the 89-91 200 
IC? No p/n, but the 83 has a 270 degree sweep, with 7k at 1 o'clock and 1k 
at about 6 o'clock. It has a built in boost gauge at the 3 o'clock position. 
91 200q 

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