[200q20v] Cold running and Seattle service

Derek Pulvino dpulvino at agraus.com
Thu Mar 29 23:21:11 EST 2001

Hey all

Anyone have any suggestions on where to look for curing cold running problems.  Car likes to hesitate when cold, and also doesn't run perfectly smooth under light throttle when warm.  Boost comes up fine, just hesitation when cold, and flat spots with light throttle.  Things I'm thinking about right now are O2 sensor, coolant temp sensor, or maybe a vacuum leak.

thanks for any help

Derek P


Sounds like I was a little rash to jump to judgements on the local dealer (University) yesterday.  I do know they are very busy, but have never had a car down there for service, only dealt with them for parts.  My bad

Rich: hope my comment didn't compel you to want find someone else for service.  As far as local, as said before, they are the local go to guys to my knowledge.  In addition, somebody I've worked with in the past is Redmond Workshop in obviously Redmond.  He's not very familiar with the 91 200 in particular, but has done quite a bit of work on type 44's in general.  Also know he has quite a few regular V8 and Coupe quattro customers.


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