[200q20v] Fitting larger rims

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has info; look also at the tire comparison calc. page linked from there:
If you keep the same offset, but increase width, you'll gain that width half on the inside, half on the outside.
That is, to go to an 8" wheel, you're gaining a quarter inch towards the strut and towards the outside.
Measure your available clearances, and use that to determine what you want.  I'm using a 17x8" wheel with 35mm offset.

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<< I am now searching for the "perfect 16" or 17" rims for the
'91 Avant. Here's the question:
As I spec out the possible rims, I do know that the OEM's
are 15x7.5, 5bolt, 112mm with an offset of 35.
If I buy, say, a 16x8, I know I still need a 112mm, 5 bolt
config, but here's the pitch. Would an 8" rim still indicate
a 35 offset, or would that change??
Any teachers out there? The student is all ears.

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