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Good Write up, I'm glad to here someone else has the same type of problems I
do.  On my coupe GT I sheared off the Slave cylinder in the transmission
because I did not realize that it was held in with a role pin and banging it
out with a hammer just broke it in half.  The job would have taken a few
hours to do, instead my car was down for a week while I made a tool to take
the other out of the transmission.  I went through a lot of PB blaster that
week.  I did get in better shape riding my bike to work.

Brian Link --- Master Mechanic (slave cylinder specialist)


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My car has wheel locks with a keyed nut and a bolt that screws into the hub.
The bolt was rusted solidly into the hub.  The bolt is screwed into the hub
with an allen wrench fitting in the top of the bolt.  I couldn't get the
bolt unstuck.  I sprayed it liberally with wd40 - tapped it a few times -
let it soak for a few minutes - but no luck.  I heated it with a propane
torch - threw water on it - no luck.  I though the expansion and contraction
would free it up.  I ended up stripping the allen wrench fitting and still
no luck.  I got out a pair of vise grips and gripped the threads of the bolt
- without any luck.  It was now getting late.  I drove to Home Depot and
purchased a screw extraction kit and a can of Liquid Wrench.  Back home, I
had a difficult time trying to tap the bolt with the screw extraction taps.
The bolt is hardened steel.  I figured persistence would pay off.  My plan
of attack was to soak it in Liquid Wrench and WD40, let it penetrate, and
use the vise-grips with abandon.  After several rounds of this, the bolt
started to turn.  The rest of the job went by without a hitch.  It took
about 2 1/2 hours to unfreeze the bolt, and about 30 minutes to change the

The bolt is completely useless today, so I'll have to pick one up.  I'm
currently driving with only 4 bolts on the one side.

Total time: 5 1/2 hours.  
Lessons learned: many


Ken Gorman

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