[200q20v] UFOs on teh track

Neil Swanson 75377.3445 at compuserve.com
Fri Mar 30 19:38:39 EST 2001

I do

I've done 3 UFO events.  First was with Carbo-tech Panther pads.  I sent
dead pads, he brought them back to life.  I killed the Panthers, though I
beat the piss out of the brakes. Rather intentionally I might add.  On the
street they squealed a little and were kind of sirty, but less dirty than

I sent back the Panthers and had them reshod into Hawk Blues.  No way a
street pad. An absolute brake lathe and very dirty.  On the track they were
great. Very litle dust compared to the street. Very little dust period and
it wipes right off.  Very strong braking, just use them at the track.  No

Third event was a very wet rain event.  I ran my street Carbo-tech "F"
street pads.  Damn things were great. Not Hawk Blues but it was wet and I
was going slower.

I run Carbo-rech F's on the street year round.  Excellent pad.  

All events were Lime Rock. Top speed maybe 110-115mph.

I've also driven Greg Amys 200 at LRP.  This was a BIRA  A8/Carrera test. 
A UFO with Blues is no match, but they aren't the joke G60s could be.  UFOs
are great brakes and they did not warp at LRP with Blues or F's from

I've also ruined myself knowing that a Movit Big Red set up fits under my
16" wheels with ease.


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