Front bumper cover wanted; was [200q20v] How to Color Bumpers

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Fri Mar 30 21:02:27 EST 2001

Speaking of bumpers, it is down on the list of priorities, but a PO of my
Alpine White 200 TQA pulled out part of the front bumper lip and cracked it,
and the rest of the car is so fine, thatI know at some point I'm going to
have to replace that cover. Sooo, if anyone knows of the location of one,
ie., salvage yard in N.E., or any other leads, I'd be interested. Dealer
wants $436.  TIA 
94 UrS4
91 200TQA   

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This stuff is called Forever Black. It's a black dye that is like a shoe
polish in a bottle. I did my bumpers about three years ago with EXCELLENT

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