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Sat Mar 31 05:27:07 EST 2001

well there goes my radio,

just went to prestige imports (audi's, porsche, saab dealer) and they told me that my radio needs to be replaced 'cause of the 6 tries that i did in decoding it(safe mode after doing the alternator), well first i was given 3 tries  then it goes to safe mode, i then removed the neg(-) battery terminal and given 3 more tries but to no avail. 
1. does anyone know how to remove the radio,  i was thinking of getting an aftermarket radio, well since the old remanufactured radio would cost $150 from the dealer, might as well get a newer radio.
2. would installing a 45 watts radio fry my stock speakers?
3. is there a shop that buy old audi radios, i just want to dispose it, or would it be wise to just keep it?.

btw the audis & porsche's @ prestige imports got me drooling there for a 30 minutes.


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