[200q20v] body-cladding source?

Vztante at aol.com Vztante at aol.com
Sat Mar 31 13:52:52 EST 2001

I'm wondering if there is a generic cladding product which can be applied 
around the base of the car with 3M tape. The PO must have tried something 
like this, as I noticed a strip of 3M tape along the side below the doors 
(BTW, what do you call that area?).

I'd like to add about 1 1/2 inch wide black strips to the front and rear, and 
6 inch strips along the sides.

Any list knowledge of such a product? I recall seeing photos of a red 200 
with Pontiac Firebird side cladding?

Mitch Frey
'00 A6 2.7t
'91 200tq20v IA Stage 3

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