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Martin, Gary G MartinGG at aetna.com
Sat Mar 31 19:10:40 EST 2001

Thanks Paul. That was it! At first I didn't think so cause all the torx
screws were tight, but I just took out the springs and strectched them a bit
to increase the resistance, put it back together, and problem is gone!  I
also disconnected the air bag, since after 10 years I guess the whole thing
is supposed to be replaced, plus my wife is short, so when she drives it,
she will be sitting very close to the steering wheel. We'll use the seat
belts and hopefully never need any more.


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The bump in the steering wheel is the airbag cover (where you push the
horn). Mine did it and then I tightened the torx screws on the back of the
steering wheel and it went away! That was years ago, but the springs are now
weak and don't hold the cover off of the steering wheel like it should.

Amazing, I thought it was something in the steering, front end too....but it

To troubleshoot, drive down the road and put your fingers between the
steering wheel and cover, one on each side, about 9 and 3 O'clock. Drive
over some bumps and see if it's still there. If not, you figured it out!

Hope it's this simple for you.


From: "Martin, Gary G" <MartinGG at aetna.com>
Subject: [200q20v] 200 20VTQA Ramblings and a few Questions

But before I do this, I
> feel a thumping in the steering wheel when going over rough pavement. I've
> cranked down on the rack adjustment bolt and the new shocks have helped.
> I've read a lot about bushing replacement, tie rod ends, ball joints, etc.
> But before I replace anything, any advice would be appreciated. 
> Gary
> 94 UrS4
> 91 200TQA

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