[200q20v] tire pressure to reduce understeer

Vztante at aol.com Vztante at aol.com
Tue May 1 14:57:37 EDT 2001

I have Dunlop Sport D40 M2 tires (215/60-ZR15). It says max psi of 44 on the 
sidewall.  The gas filler door states 36f/36/r as recommended settings for 
the stock tires under medium to light load.  I haven't checked my pressure 
lately, but I have noticed that the sidewalls are scrubbed quite 
significantly. I drive hard through the twisties.

I'd like to adjust pressure to counter understeer.  I'm assuming that higher 
relative pressure in the rear will help in this regard.  I did the opposite 
with my RWD Miata for a noticeable reduction of oversteer. However, I've 
noticed from the Audifans archives that many Audi Quattro drivers recommend 
2-4 psi more in the front than in the rear.

Is this due to the fact that there is relatively more weight(59%/41%) over 
the front wheels than, say, in a Miata?

I'm interested in knowing what pressures you are using and for what purpose?  
What would you recommend to diminish the understeer?

I'm thinking of starting out with 36 in front and 40 in back.  

Mitch Frey
'00 A6 2.7t
'91 200tq20v IA Stage 3

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