[200q20v] [200Q]: Transmission rebuild suggestions?

Mike Miller MikeMilr at blackfoot.net
Tue May 1 14:22:44 EDT 2001

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From: "Arun Rao" <rao at pixar.com>

> I reported last week what seemed to be a blown clutch on my '91 200Q
> (137K). Well, my mechanic has the clutch and the tranny out, and the
> culprit appears to be the transmission (sob!).  There's apparently the
> sound of some breakage inside when you rotate the shaft. The clutch
> shows wear, but nothing abnormal.
> So ... I'm faced with the prospect of having the transmission rebuilt,
> or buying a new/rebuilt one.  Any suggestions as to sources?
> Help is greatly appreciated.
> -Arun "grind, grind, ouch$$" Rao


 I got a new one from Robert Braunschweig in Germany. I had a growling sound
in all gears that was suspected to be the input shaft bearings. The only
email I have for him is this one: : rbraun at transtec.de and I am not sure if
it is still valid. Here's his phone number at Transtec: Tel.:

It cost me $700 for the tranny and ~$190 for the shipping to Great Falls,
MT. - I did the customs myself and saved a couple hundered bucks I am told -
very easy to do yourself. Shop here (Missoula) charged me about $500 for the
R&R - All told  it was less than $1500 installed. About 16 months prior to
that, I had 2nd gear replaced at a cost of about $1800 as I recall and 2
months after that, 5th gear synchro went to the tune of $1300. I wasn't
going to have mine worked on 3 times in less than 2 yrs!!

mike miller

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