[200q20v] Wire EDM machine

Hot Grips® Jim Hollander hotgrips at cyberportal.net
Wed May 2 13:49:13 EDT 2001

The wire EDM uses a .010" diameter brass wire to cut through steel,
extremely accurate, CNC controlled, programmed using CadCam software.  Can
stack thin steel up to 6" thick to do multiples at once.  It is capable of
cutting up to a 15 degree angle, 3 axis (X,Y, Z)  We also have a 3-axis CNC
vertical milling machine..


> Great offer.  I'm not familiar with the machine or it's uses; is this a
> machining setup, such as for preparing brake caliper brackets?
> > << We have a new Brother Wire EDM machine that is not in use much, and
can be
> used to make steel (I'd rather not contaminate the filters with aluminum
> work) parts for the '91 200q20v if anyone has any suggestions.  It's
> capacity is X=3D10" Y=3D16" Z=3D6"
> I would be willing to make prototype parts in exchange for the sharing of
> the technical information.  Located in New Hampshire.  > I've seen/used
EDM machines in injection mold production, but not wire.  I
> can only emagine that, rather than a using a preshaped profile electrode,
> the wire machine uses a computer mapped/controled point electrode.  Sounds
> like a slow process.  Please enlighten

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