[200q20v] Re: [200Q]: Transmission rebuild suggestions?

C1J1Miller at aol.com C1J1Miller at aol.com
Wed May 2 23:43:50 EDT 2001

I posted the contact info for Robert yesterday.
The trannies are not failing because of synthetic oil use; it's the higher 
torque and the torsen.
The tranny is very similar to the porsche 944, and many parts are available 
through porsche or audi.
Best bet might be a used tranny as previously discussed.  Neil S. had a 
similar issue with his car; think he just replaced a carrier bearing and is 
driving around happy...  Comments, Neil?

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calvinlc at earthlink.net writes:

> OK, here's the scoop on the '91 Tranny thing.  I sent an email to the Robert
>  ... guy and I got a response a couple of days later saying he no longer is
>  with the company.  I don't know if anyone else has info. on where he might
>  have gone to.  After hunting down used ones for $2500, new ones for much
>  more from Audi, $8k or so quoted from 2 dealers, I found the cheapest 
>  was getting it rebuilt.  There is a company in Oregon called German
>  Transaxle.  I believe the final cost for mine was about $2200.  This was 
>  a lot of hard parts, though, including a new Torsen.  Another guy that had
>  one rebuilt there that was not as seriously in need of repair was like
>  $1800.  The shipping is cheapest if you get them to pay it both ways and
>  they bill you for it (since the tranny weighs over the 150 lb UPS limit).
>  As far as my mechanic knows, these are the only people in the country with 
>  significant supply of "hard parts" for reasonable dollars....of course they
>  won't just sell you the parts.  I just got mine back about two weeks ago 
>  it works better than it ever did before.  Turnaround time was only about 1
>  week.  Hope this helps.  One other thing that the mechanic I go to says
>  (Audi Master Mechanic with 25 years exp. on Porsches & Audis) is that 
>  the factory switched to synthetic oil he NEVER saw a manual tranny fail.  
>  has replaced or rebuilt about 20 trannies since, not ONE of them had been
>  running dinosaur oil at the time of failure.  PS, I have dinosaur oil in
>  mine now :)
>  --Calvin

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