[200q20v] 200 20v Tranny

Martin, Gary G MartinGG at aetna.com
Thu May 3 19:56:42 EDT 2001

OK, so I've had my 91 200TQA for a while now, and I like it. Everything
seems bigger and heavier than my S4, which is OK, but the tranny sure isn't
the slickest shifting thing. Very slow from neutral into first gear, and
coming out of some gears, I think third mostly, requires quite a tug. Is
this just the way they are? I've been thinking of changing the fluid to Red
Line MT90. Any opinions. Looks like a tight fit for the drain plug. Is there
a special tool. I measured it, and if I remember right, it is 17mm hex. Any
input appreciated.

91 200 20v TQA
94 UrS4 
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