[200q20v] 200 20v Tranny - change that fluid!

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Fri May 4 08:18:10 EDT 2001

Change that fluid! Could save you big bux down the
road... On engaging first; stop the spinning gears in
the trans before engaging first by moving the lever
toward third (with the clutch dis-engaged). Makes
engagement of first much easier and saves
wear-and-tear on that frequently used first-gear
syncro by sharing the load on the third-gear syncro.
Werks for rev too (no grind-oh), but use 5th first.
(duzzat make sense?)



--- "Martin, Gary G" <MartinGG at aetna.com> wrote:
> OK, so I've had my 91 200TQA for a while now, and I
> like it. Everything
> seems bigger and heavier than my S4, which is OK,
> but the tranny sure isn't
> the slickest shifting thing. Very slow from neutral
> into first gear, and
> coming out of some gears, I think third mostly,
> requires quite a tug. Is
> this just the way they are? I've been thinking of
> changing the fluid to Red
> Line MT90. Any opinions. Looks like a tight fit for
> the drain plug. Is there
> a special tool. I measured it, and if I remember
> right, it is 17mm hex. Any
> input appreciated.
> Gary 
> 91 200 20v TQA
> 94 UrS4 

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