[200q20v] (no subject)

Wolff wolff at turboquattro.com
Fri May 4 20:16:50 EDT 2001

> As for the distributor alignment tool, I wound up not using it.  Just set
> the engine to tdc on the cam, then align the distributor to the same upon
> install (tick mark on the rim of the dist with tick mark on hall sender
> metal sheild).  Ned Ritchie recomended turning dist body app 1 deg
> I belive relative to dist to help prevent crossfiring.  Didn't quite pick
> on his logic there-just set it up at tdc.
I did get a new dist from Rod at TPC. I think what Ned is trying to get
across is that there is a window that the ECU wants to see the hall sender
in reference to the flywheel sense. If it's close to the edge of this window
you get full boost only on the first full throttle run until a reboot. If
it's really out the motor won't run. I have no first hand experience with
this that I can verify, but apparently an oscilloscope is used to compare
the hall sender signal to the flywheel signal to set the dist position. No
mention of this in the Bently of course. My symptoms are mostly good boost
at sub 3k RPMS, but  low boost (1.4 bar ) above 3k rpms. Boost
intermittently builds in approximately 5 to 10 second cycles above 3k rpms.
It'll be interesting to see how my distributer can have so much up and down
freeplay. I'm guessing that the plastic gear is nearly off the bottom. I
really hope it fixes my boost trouble.

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