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Mike Miller MikeMilr at blackfoot.net
Fri May 4 21:37:31 EDT 2001

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From: "Wolff" <wolff at turboquattro.com>

>My symptoms are mostly good boost
> at sub 3k RPMS, but  low boost (1.4 bar ) above 3k rpms. Boost
> intermittently builds in approximately 5 to 10 second cycles above 3k
> It'll be interesting to see how my distributer can have so much up and
> freeplay. I'm guessing that the plastic gear is nearly off the bottom. I
> really hope it fixes my boost trouble.
> Wolff

Wow - I usually maintain 1.5 -> 1.6 bar to well over 4k, and usually over 5k
rpms, with my stock ECU. And thats at about 5k feet elevation.

good luck!!!

mike miller

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