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Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Sun May 6 08:54:32 EDT 2001


    The brake pads have wires imbedded in the friction material. When the
pads wear down, the wires wear through and break the connection. The pad
wear indicator lights up when the circuit is broken.
    To disable the indicator, cut the pad wear connectors off an old set of
brake pads. Solder the wires coming out of each connector together. Seal
them from the elements with a gob of your favourite goop. Plug the pad
connectors into the connectors on the car. Voila, the pad wear indicator is
    You can make a more permanent change by soldering the wires on the car
connector together, but personally I prefer reversible modifications.


Fred Munro
'94 S4

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Hi all
anyone know how to disengage the brake sensor light...I am running many
drivers schools this summer and its a real hassle to change the sensors
every time I change the pads over...Plus...One of the wires(before the
connector)has met its early demise due to not tying it up correctly.

Is there a way to ground the system to make the (o) light dissappear????

Thanks for the help!!!

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