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I just replaced my starter a couple of weeks ago with one from Pep Boys, at $129, I wouldn't fix my old one, it had a bad connection on the solenoid, the solenoid would pick up, but it wouldn't start the car because the contacts were pitted. Would take up to ten starts to get it to turn over.....now it starts every time!

I'm not going to rebuild my alternator, just buying a rebuilt one that's 150 amps from Avi for $190.

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  To follow up on my starter... for those interested in such things...

  I bought a brush set for $20 from a local re-builder. I also got a new ring gear for $10 (installed!).
  As has been described before, the starter was easy to remove. It was also easy to disassemble the motor part (not the solenoid). Installing new brushes is simple. Just be sure to attach the end plate to the shaft and brushes before sliding it into the housing. This keeps the brushes on the commutator (which is where they should be :-))
  After putting it back in the car, it fired right up!

  After wasting money on a new alternator several years ago (when I knew it just had a bad diode), and seeing how easy this type of repair is, I'll never spring for a new alternator or starter again! (knock on wood...)

  Thanks to all for the feedback!


  PS. the place I went for parts was Masters on Stone Road. Great guys there! (in Rochester, NY)
  If someone wants to order parts from there, send me mail and I'll get the phone #

  Chris Covington wrote:

I had that same problem about a year ago, and a local parts place had arebuilt starter in stock that had the solenoid, etc. rebuilt on it aswell.  It was only $120 I believe.Chris'91 2cqOn Sun, 8 Apr 2001, DAK wrote:
A question that probably pertains to many audis (if not other makes).The little braided connection from the solenoid to the starter has fallen apart. (hence the no-start condition!)It looks like it runs right into the starter itself. Seems like this provides power from the solenoid to the starter motor itself. Any ideas on fixing this in-situ? I could take the motor out and have it fixed by a starter refurb place.David_______________________________________________200q20v mailing list200q20v at audifans.comhttp://www.audifans.com/mailman/listinfo/200q20v
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