[200q20v] Anyone using Hella Micro DE fog lamps?

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at yahoo.com
Mon May 7 18:14:08 EDT 2001

Does anyone have any feedback on Hella's Micro DE 
fog lamps?  They're the small ones with the magnesium 
alloy body.  They should fit into the holes in the 
lower bumber grille (third one in from each side?) 
after cutting out two horizontal fins from those 
sections. (' might need to make a sheet metal plate 
to mount them to that will bolt to the bumper since 
I think they'll need to attach a few inches behind 
the bumber.)  

How is their lighting performance?

How hot do they get (besides enough to require the 
magnesium alloy housing to dissipate the heat?)? 



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