[200q20v] Brake Warning Display Light 10valve

Cliff Hunt cliffhunt at yahoo.com
Mon May 7 21:10:13 EDT 2001

Reading the recent posts about brake pad warning
lights, has me wondering...

On my 90 200 Q wagon *10 valve* [yeah, I know it's a
20v list], the warning display keeps flashing the
brake pad warning light. My pads and the associated
wiring appears fine. I've not yet tried the soldered
connection approach to see if maybe it is in the
wiring, as the last posts suggest. Are there any other
sensors that can trip this?  My concern is the brake
fluid reservoir. There is a sensor that comes off the
left side of the reservoir that appears to have fallen
apart -or the PO removed. The sensor actually
penetrates the tank, so I'm not sure if the whole
thing would need to be replaced or just the sensor.
Can anyone tell me if this sensor is tied into the
brake *pad* warning light or just the brake light -the
one that is triggered by BOMs, parking brake etc.?

I'm hoping that the 10v and 20v share the same wiring
here....if they don't, please excuse this post.

TIA for any help available.

Cliff Hunt
Russiaville-BFE, In

1990 Audi 200 QW 363k [just a lowly 10 valve]
1985 MBz 300d 193k
1988 VW Golf 123k

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