[200q20v] Anybody ever change a differential bearing?

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Tue May 8 14:34:16 EDT 2001

At 3:45 PM -0700 5/7/01, Wolff wrote:
>My '91 200 tq has some pretty serious freeplay on the right side tranny
>final drive. It moves enough that the inner right CV bangs into the heat
>sheild on decelleration. Has anyone replaced the differential bearings
>before? Is it beyond the realm of possible?

I've been complaining for nearly a year about a slight scraping noise 
from the tranny area only during deceleration. So after reading your 
message I just went down to look closely at the right inner CV on my 
car--expecting to see some evidence of abrasion from the heat shield. 
Damn there's only about 3/16" clearance! But I saw no evidence at all 
to indicate my CV joint assembly has been contacting the heat shield. 
How loud is the sound you hear? In my car it's a very faint 
scraping--similar to a brake rotor slightly scraping on the dust 
shield. In fact I think my old noisy fuel pump had masked the sound 
until was replaced last summer.

Sorry I have no info on bearing replacement. Could a defective oil 
seal on the output shaft be contributing to the shaft freeplay?


Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
mailto:pjrose at frontiernet.net

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