[200q20v] A/C low-press hose hits horn bracket? 134a conv?

Scalmanini Steve sscalmanini at yahoo.com
Tue May 8 20:15:56 EDT 2001

YES, this happened to me a few years ago, but the root
cause was not "high load".  I threw two belts one
night in a small town, so could only replace them with
something close of US/English dimensions.  A few
months later I stopped the car and heard hisssssss.  

The way the alternator and A/C compressor are braced
against each other under the front of the car, if the
former is slightly undersize (or thicker?) and/or the
latter slightly oversized (or thinner?), look out! 
The compressor can adjust too far away from the engine
and that fitting can rub against the horn bracket
until ...

Worst of all, the entire heater box most be removed to
access the other end of the hose to replace it.  Lotsa
luck!!!  ' good excuse to do your heater fan motor,

' sorry for the bad news ...


PS: Don't bother trying to find just a new fitting.  I
tried everywhere in the SF Bay Area and struck out. 
That thread for the (Nippon/Denso?) compressor is real
unusual. An entire new hose wasn't very expensive from
Carlsen, but the labor to put it in was.  

PPS: So now I carry a full set of spare V-belts in the
spare well, along with the usual flares, jumper
cables, bulbs, etc. (spare UFOs, TBV, book of
mechanics profanity, ...) ' one less thing to worry
about now. 

PPPS: I put a record in the archives at the time (~
early 99?).  Whatever happened to those archives?  


At 10:28 AM -0700 5/8/01, Fundsalo Racing wrote:
>Anyone have their A/C fail because the low-presure
>hose hits the horn mounting bracket under high load
>and punched a hole in the aluminium A/C tube like
>from the fitting at the comp? BTDT...    :(

Now you've gone and given me something _else_ to worry
about!  So far...no.

But maybe most of us don't get quite so highly
"loaded". < g >


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