[200q20v] Window "Scrapers"

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Thu May 10 10:17:03 EDT 2001

My '91 TQ Wagon's window "scrapers" for lack of a better term, are gradually shrinking & deforming. These are the rubber pieces on the sides of the exterior which but up against the side windows, both on the doors and back in the trunk area. Questions for the 200 list:
1. Any leads on affordable replacements?
2. How do these pieces detach - slide off or unclip or other way?
3. Is there any potential corosion damage being done to the car now that water apparantly has a better shot at getting down in the doors and the aft body of the car?
4. Are there drain holes on the bottom of the doors and the aft side body for the water that might get in?

Thanks for the info,
Stephen Arthur/Denver
'91 TQ A Dark Grey/Black
'93 S4 Pearl/Black
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