[200q20v] Re: Hydraulic Fluid Flush and grease question

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Fri May 11 11:23:41 EDT 2001

  Have you checked your upper front strut mounts?  WHen they get
older sometimes they groan when you turn the wheel.
  Just a though and total shot in the dark but I heard a type 44
(mine) that does that a little just yesterday.

--- TM <t44tq at mindspring.com> wrote:
> Hi listers,
> If I want to flush and replace the hydraulic fluid in my 200q,
> how do I get that screen out of the reservoir? I looked into
> doing this a little while ago and couldn't figure out how the
> screen is removed.
> I'm sure it's a stupidly easy procedure, but any help would be
> appreciated. I'm trying to see if dirty hydraulic fluid may
> be contributing to some moaning/groaning at parking lot speeds
> while turning.
> Also, another stupid question- what kind of grease gun is used
> for the 200q? Also, what kind of grease? I'd like to lube the
> driveshaft U-joint as well as any other greaseable fittings-
> any
> tips would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Taka
> '91 200q

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