[200q20v] Transaxle & Differential Fluid Capacities?

Hemberger, Chris CHemberger at stanadyne.com
Fri May 11 14:59:04 EDT 2001

Hello All:

Does anybody know definitively what the fluid/oil capacities are for both
the transaxle and the rear differential?  I was a bit astounded to find no
mention of it in the Owner's Manual.  I consulted Bentley and have so far
only been able to locate quantities for various, MY-specific transmissions;
did not see '91 listed - but it was in haste so perhaps I missed it.  I just
thought some of the resident experts here might likely know the capacities
off the top of their heads...  any info is appreciated.

RE: "SAE-sized tool", isn't the O2 sensor an SAE, std hex?

Have a Great Weekend!

Chris Hemberger
91 200Q 20V-Avant

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