[200q20v] gas prices - can we help keep them down?

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Sat May 12 17:46:33 EDT 2001

Hi Greg,

I'd be the last to say the american system is wrong. I won't say the system
we have in most of the european states is wrong. Both have their good and
bad sides.

But talking about Audi, isn't it nice, no matter where you go, you will be
able to drive one?!

Have a good weekend.


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> At least try to acknoledge the fact, that it is a lot cheaper to operate a
> car in terms of fuel, oil etc. in the US than it is in other parts of the
> world.

Absolutely, as long as the "other parts of the world" will acknowledge the
fact that their failing pseudo-socialistic system is raping its citizens
with taxation, and stop being envious of the American capitalistic system
while deriding same as being "wrong"...


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