[200q20v] Hydraulic Fluid Flush and grease question

Brett Dikeman brett at brettd.dsl.speakeasy.net
Sat May 12 14:19:39 EDT 2001

On Thu, 10 May 2001, TM wrote:

> Hi listers,
> If I want to flush and replace the hydraulic fluid in my 200q,
> how do I get that screen out of the reservoir? I looked into
> doing this a little while ago and couldn't figure out how the
> screen is removed.
> I'm sure it's a stupidly easy procedure, but any help would be
> appreciated. I'm trying to see if dirty hydraulic fluid may
> be contributing to some moaning/groaning at parking lot speeds
> while turning.

Funny you should mention, I was just eyeing this myself a day or two back.

The easiest way to drain the tank appears to be to remove the other end of
the hydraulic line that comes off the BOTTOM(not bottom SIDE) of the
container(there are 3-4 connections total.)  Before doing this, pump the
brake pedal until it goes rock hard; you'll find the level in the tank has
risen to the tippy top(don't do this all the way if your tank is any more
than half-way between the min+max lines; if it's at the max line, you'll
overflow the tank with the extra fluid from the bomb.)  Drain, clean,
blah blah...Fill the tank back up to the max line, start the car, let it
run until the BRAKE idiot light goes out(couldn't help to turn the wheel
back+forth once or twice), turn off, top off again to betwen min+max lines.

Removal of the screen involves prying it up+out; it's VERY hard to get out
all the way on my car.

I tried cleaning my mesh screen; looked like there was all sorts of stuff
inside it.  I think out+out replacement would be a better idea; part
number is on the bottom I believe.  I tried brake cleaner, carb cleaner,
dish soap, etc.  Nothing came out, and it didn't look any cleaner

I also think a better filtering system would be an EXCELLENT idea
considering how much shit gets into the system, how expensive racks+pumps
are, etc.

Blau used to sell a magnetic trap that would take care of ferrous pieces,
but that doesn't cover bits of rubber, dust, carbon, etc.  There's a
toilet-paper-roll based system the US army uses for motor oil, but the
filter(a roll of TP) is quite large and would require another $10 of pentosin in the
system, not to mention, finding a place for the thing in the tight
compartment of a 200q20v(what immediately comes to mind is where the 5000
windshield-washer reservoir goes, or maybe down in the fairly open space
towards the main radiator side of the engine compartment.)

Actually, just found a page online on  Jeep CJ power-steering
conversions, which suggests splicing in a fuel filter...veeery
interestink.  I popped my head into dan's office yesterday and mentioned
it; he said "oh yhea, a thread about doing that sort of thing came up a
few years back."  A search of the archives came up dry.

Anybody remember, or participate in, that thread?  I'm going to ask the
qlist as well in a sec.  The grease monkey in me is tempted to run over to
pep boys, pick up the biggest clamp-connection-style fuel filter, and pop
that bad-boy inline with one of the suction hoses or something, run it for
a hour's worth of driving or something, then take it out...but fuel filter
elements supposedly tear easily when fuel surges through 'em, can't
imagine that thick hydraulic fluid would be much better :-)

What about filters for small hydraulic systems?  Or ATF filters? Etc.


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