:Re: [200q20v] Re: Hydraulic Fluid Flush and grease question

Gary Martin motogo1 at home.com
Sat May 12 15:40:59 EDT 2001

I saved this post about 'groaning' or 'moooing' noises. When I had a 87
CS5000, the strut bearings going bad would make a clicking sound, but no
groaning. Maybe this info will help....

The leak is probably your problem Pantelis.  The symptoms you describe
like you might have blown or weeping the Hipressure hose to the rack.  You
need to peel back the protective foam from the outside of the hose, and you
will find fluid underneath.  If you don't have the correct pressure at the
rack, the cow sounds are what you hear.  Also, warn out or dirty fluid gets
trapped in the screens of some of the banjo bolts, which also prevents
correct pressure from getting to the rack itself (these are located on the
pump and the bomb, not the rack itself).  Also ck to make sure that your
bellows on the rack are intact, and, if you find no external fluid leaks,
seals in the rack are most likely bad....  To ck this, a small hole into the
bottom of the bellows should identify the culprit.


Scott Justusson
In a message dated 3/1/01 10:48:58 AM Central Standard Time, pantg at otenet.gr

> Fellow listers,
>  Today I have noticed that when switching the car on and turn the steering
>  wheel left or right a mooo-ing noise with some high resonance transmited
>  the steering wheel.
>  When the engine is warmed up the noise and resonance disappear.
>  Pentosin level is OK.
>  There is some pentosin leaking (topping up a bit of pentosin about once
>  every two months) but no majot leaking problem.
>  Car is a 1995 model year RS2
>  Thanks for your suggestions.
>  Take care
>  Pantelis

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> I have been hearing  groaning noises from under the hood (I suspcetd the
> strut upper mount too) for some time now from my 875kcsq.  Can it be
> ?

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