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What is the color code for your car?  I looked in the trunk of mine and it
says the color code is LYP7, which this site does not have for the year
model 1991.  It does show LYP7 for years 1990 and 1992, as a titanium gray.
I would think that Audi would not change the color code, but they have done
stranger things...

87 4ktq (still not recovered from its self-canabalistic adventure)
91 200 20v

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I found an impressive site for touch up paint.  The problem is, they don't
list 1991 Pearl White for our cars.  Here's what they do list:

1990    Pearl White Metallic Clearcoat          LOA9
1992    Pearl White Metallic TriCoat    LOA9/C9

I'm assuming that the TriCoat is our paint but is the color different than
the 1992 year?? I think so?  If they can match it up, I'd be willing to see
if they do a list special for us--anyone interested?

Check the site out, it goes all the way back to 1952:


Craig in Colorado
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