[200q20v] OEM cell phone conversion

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Mon May 14 22:26:06 EDT 2001

Hi listers,
I'm bugging you all about the OEM cell phone again.

I found out some interesting info that may apply to our phones.

Apparently, BMW has a retrofit kit for the E38 7-series and the
E39 5-series as well as the X5 and Z8 that will convert the OEM
BMW analog phone (Motorola) into something that will hold a
Motorola Timeport cell phone, utilizing the factory phone speaker
and microphone and powering the phone as well as voice activated
dialing, all in a CDMA/TDMA 800/1900 dual-band, tri-mode phone!

I printed the pages out from the BMW-dealer-only Motorola website.

Any electronics experts here think that this may be a feasible

I would love to utilize my factory phone location for a cell phone
and would have no problem buying a Timeport if that would allow me
to get a digital cell phone in the car.

The only thing that I am not certain about are the jacks for the phone.

Does anyone have access to an E38 or E39 BMW w/ the OEM phone in order
to compare w/ the Audi phone?

'91 200q

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