[200q20v] Rotor poll for the list.

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Tue May 15 15:01:42 EDT 2001

I just have the regular Stage 3 IA chip, and a replacement "Euro" thin
rotor.  This is the factory setup, and seems to be performing well.

My friend's father (the owner of Shokan) has a '91 TQA like yours with a
full-blown RS2 setup and jet-hot IA manifold along with the stock rotor
and he hasn't had any problems either...

'91 200q20v

On Tue, 15 May 2001, Richard E. Berlin, Jr. wrote:

> I have just received my Stage III+ ECU from Ned Ritchie. I
> think Snoopy would have said," Cowabunga!!"
> This modification has me all hot and bothered about using a
> rotor that will not cause too much "spark jump." I have
> heard about the 184 Bosch American rotor, the European Bosch
> 414 "thin" rotor, not to mention 5000 rotors that are Ground
> down with a Dreml Motor tool.
> Do those of you with chipped cars share my concern?? And of
> course, what option have you exercised?
> Many thanks for feedback.
> Richard E. Berlin, Jr.
> '91 200q20v Avant
> Email: <rberlin at feltonberlin.com>
> (978) 548-3737
> *

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