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Going steady 55mph from Ingolstadt to North Germany resulted in 33.6 mpg.
calculated not BC. I just received the new engine courtesy in large parts by

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Mike Miller wrote:
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> > Fundsalo Racing wrote:
> > >
> > > MPG, combined city/highway, mostly highway. Very
> >
> > Wow!  Why am I only getting 16-17mpg in the city, and 22-24mpg on the
> highway?
> Perhaps glen uses an "unleaded" foot ?

Touché.  However, on the highway, I strive to get the best mileage I can.
75mph, steady throttle, no rapid accelerations, etc.  I still only see a
best of
about 24mpg.


Why I'm riding the bike right now.  40-50mpg.   :)

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