[200q20v] hesitation on acceleration

Wolff wolff at turboquattro.com
Tue May 15 23:22:30 EDT 2001

Sounds similar to my trouble. I pulled my distributer last week and one
tooth was gone. Another was totally loose. The gear was cracked in many
places. I'll try to post pics tomorrow. I put in a new dist with the metal
gear. I don't know why Bentley says to remove the intake manifold?! I didn't
have to do that. The hardest part was drilling out the anti-tamper bolt. I
didn't wait for my alignment tool to show up. I just lined up TDC on #1
before I pulled the old dist. Put the new one in the same orientation with
the rotor pointing at the notch on the housing. I have full boost again at
all RPM's. Now I remember why I like that car.
"Nobody can forget the sound." - Michele Mouton
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Subject: [200q20v] hesitation on acceleration

> my 200 20v has started to exhibit moderate a moderate stumble and
> under acceleration - starting around 3500 rpm or so.
> Any suggestions will be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Jim Austin
> 91 200 tq
> 93 90 s
> 86 944
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