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In all of this, I wonder if people are basing this on the trip computer? 
Those things are usually off! If you trust your odometer and the gas 
pump, the best way to get MPG (I used to do this). is to record the 
miles at a fill-up, drive, record miles, record amount of gas pumped, 
repeat ... You'll get a series of figures you can use to calculate 
several MPG figures. Average them and you'll have something pretty 
accurate. Averaging several should even out differences on when the gas 
pump shuts off.


Mike Miller wrote:

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>> On another note, my H2O temp gauge is non-op.  Is there an order of
> sensors to
>> check?  Like to have a temp gauge, now that summer is here, and I do tow.
> I would look at the multifunction sensor first. Does your A/C work? Temp
> gauge bad and no A/C is classic MF sensor.
> mike miller
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