[200q20v] MPG

RICHARD MEZIC rmezic at keyspanenergy.com
Wed May 16 13:03:31 EDT 2001

Just my $0.02

1991 200 Avant:  According to the trip computer (with random manual
calculations in between) I usually get 22-23-24 highway.  City comes in
around 13-15-17 mpg.  Once (ONCE!) I was VERY light on the gas pedal,
shifted as soon as possible, took my time accelerating, etc and got the trip
computer to read 26-27 mpg.  I can't believe people on the list routinely
get 28+ mpg.  30+ mpg - no way!  Unless you drive downhill - both ways - to
and from work :)  If that's true, then I'm open to suggestions!

Again, just my $0.02

As a side note, my '97 Passat TDI is a different story - 40mpg city when I
*DOG* it and 47mpg highway averaging 75-80mpg.  I'm convinced I could hit
50mpg if I drove a "sensible" 55-65mph.  Not bad for a full-size, power
everything, best VW has to offer, vehicle.  Now, if Audi would only ship
over the 2.6 (?) TDI in a quattro wagon, I could get rid of both cars...
Anybody in Europe have fuel consumption on that car?

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