[200q20v] trying to thin the herd

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Condolences Don:

The insurance estimator will only care about the cost of the repair, not so
much the mileage.  If you can show him adds from recent and well known
sources for 91 200q20v cars (like yours with similar mileage), they will be
forced to pay you that much if they total it.  So hopefully the repair costs
will look like a deal to them.  But be armed with every add you can find.


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A Saab Turbo committed hara-kiri last Friday leaving my Pearl
2C20v victim to the wrecker. Reading all of the great emails
over the past few years about getting correct value for these
wonderful cars is now my main concern. I wish I had saved a

Basically the rear bumper and the whole right rear
quarter-panel and who knows about underneath needs repair. My
body shop guy has warned me the Insurance company-USAA-might
want to total the car because of the mileage 164K. The car was
in perfect condition before the accident. He also hoped the
quarter panel is still available from the factory-probably from

Anyone that has BTDT in the past could really help me keep the
car on the road if they could forward me any info for
determining correct value. Any hints would be appreciated. If I
had sold the car the day before I wouldn't have taken anything
less than 10K. BTW it also has an IA Stage III+ chip.

Thanks everyone--great list.

Don Lillig
don at lilligdesign.com
kansas city

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