[200q20v] Thermostat is bad?

Greg Grena grena at mt.net
Wed May 16 16:12:52 EDT 2001

Both gauges are running much higher than normal in city driving.  I had
owned the car for
8 months and the temp gauges hardly ever moved between highway and city
Now they both go way up as soon as I get into stop and go type of driving.
The coolant
warning light and beeper go on occasionally.  I checked the fusible link and
it appears good.
I always remember hearing the fan kick in when I drive around town or sit
idling for a period
of time.  Now I don't seem to hear it kick in.  Probably where my problem
is.  Just wondering
what would fail to cause it not to kick in?



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> On Wed, 16 May 2001, Greg Grena wrote:
> > Just noticed that my water temp and oil temp gauges are running quite
high in city driving.  As soon as I
> > get on the highway both of them go back down to normal readings.  Is
this a thermostat problem or
> > something else?  This just started a few days ago.
> Somewhat to the right of the center of the gauge is fine.  There's a dot
> on the gauge which marks, roughly, the temperature at which the second
> stage fan comes on.
> Oil gauge on my car typically settles around the same temp as the coolant.
> Sometime, when I think of it, I'll snap some digital pictures of the
> gauges and illustrate 'em.  This is a fairly common question among 200q20v
> owners(they do tend to run hotter than their 10v counterparts.)
> Brett

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