Re; [200q20v] Speedo help (and gas mileage).

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Wed May 16 21:34:53 EDT 2001

I get the same results on my car-about 77 in 5th at 3k RPM's with average 
speed showing 73 or 74.  Alway's kind of wondered about that but filed it 
away under the "interesting" category but glad you asked -everthing else on 
my car seems to work right.

On the topic of multifunction computer, I've also noticed that my gas 
mileage registered by the tank/pump method verse display reading is usually 
within several tenths of each other.  I usually average between 20 and 22 a 
tank, and have seen as high as 26 or 27 on a roadrip over a pass in the area 
with an average speed of around 75.  Now I hear if we were to change the 
tranny's and final drives on our car to 10v ratios gas mileage on freeway 
would likely climb quite a bit.

Derek P

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My last '91 Avant,(oem rims and 215/60 tires) always
measured 72mph when the rev counter  was at 3000 rpm's in
fifth gear. In addition, when I would reset the average
speed button on the computer, the initial reading always
corresponded to the reading on the analog speedo gauge.

The newer '91TQA  (identical rims and tires) measures 77mph
on the speedo gauge at 3000rpm's in 5th gear. But when I do
the average speed reset on the computer, it reads73mph--4
mph lower.

Could it be that Audi put 2 different rear ends in these
cars?? I remember reading an ongoing thread several months
ago where Chris Miller and another lister were contending
3.89 vs 4.11 ratios as OEM??

Would you guys run the 300rpm 5th gear test and let me know
what speedo and avg speed reset readings you get? In the
mean time, I'll hit the Mass Pike with a stop watch over
some measured miles.

Richard E. Berlin, Jr.
'91 200q20v Avant
Email: <rberlin at>
(978) 548-3737

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