[200q20v] trying to thin the herd (and touch up paint)

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Wed May 16 22:21:23 EDT 2001

Wow, when it rains it pours.  Sounds real similar to a recent event I had 
with my car.  If you'll remember, I was recently rear ended in my pearl 200. 
  Insurance company of the other driver was also USAA.  Maybe it was just 
the person I was dealing with, but my impression of USAA was very favorable; 
they were very profesional, good to deal with, cut a check quickly, set me 
up in a rental for the duration of the work, and didn't really give me a 
hassle over anything.

I also think I was lucky on top of all of this; original estimate for 
repairs was 5700; USAA decided to pay out 5300.  Left it up to the shop to 
hash it all out.  When all was said and done the bill came in at $6900.  Add 
to that a $600 rental car bill, and I think we're looking at what could have 
realistically been a total.  Unfortunately, it sounds like you might have 
more damage than I did.

Here on the flip side, I just got the car back on Monday.  With the 
detailing they did, the car looks better than when it went in.  If I didn't 
know the car had been touched up in back, and didn't spend a ton of time 
trying to find something to show where the new paint was, I wouldn't know 
(paint orange peel texture is so subtly different that most people wouldn't 
notice even if it was pointed out).  Goes to show what a top notch body shop 
can do.

So, I hope my experience with USAA should have some indication of what 
you'll likely see.  And ... if it works out this way, these things can be 
fixed, and fixed well.  I am truly amazed at what was accomplished with my 

If Seattle's not to far, I know of a great body shop...

Also, if you need a list/spreadsheet of previous selling prices, Gary 
"Wanemardo at aol.com" A., are you out there

Bueno Suerte!

Derek Pulvino

PS: Craig in Colorado-forgot to check for touch up paint for you from the 
batch.  Aw hell, I even forgot to get a bottle for myself.  I do need to 
talk to them again to get some last niggling details squared up.  I'll try 
to remember to ask about touch up paint at that time.

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Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 14:32:20 -0500
From: "Don Lillig " <don at lilligdesign.com>
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To: <200q20v at audifans.com>
Subject: [200q20v] trying to thin the herd

A Saab Turbo committed hara-kiri last Friday leaving my Pearl
2C20v victim to the wrecker. Reading all of the great emails
over the past few years about getting correct value for these
wonderful cars is now my main concern. I wish I had saved a

Basically the rear bumper and the whole right rear
quarter-panel and who knows about underneath needs repair. My
body shop guy has warned me the Insurance company-USAA-might
want to total the car because of the mileage 164K. The car was
in perfect condition before the accident. He also hoped the
quarter panel is still available from the factory-probably from

Anyone that has BTDT in the past could really help me keep the
car on the road if they could forward me any info for
determining correct value. Any hints would be appreciated. If I
had sold the car the day before I wouldn't have taken anything
less than 10K. BTW it also has an IA Stage III+ chip.

Thanks everyone--great list.

Don Lillig
don at lilligdesign.com
kansas city

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