[200q20v] New toy :-)

Arun Rao rao at pixar.com
Sat May 19 20:02:41 EDT 2001

Fellow Audi maniacs,

To celebrate my mid-life crisis (I turn 40 in July), my lovely wife saw
it fit to make me the proud owner of a 2000 S4 -- 26k on the clock,
bright, screaming Imola Yellow.

Still plan to keep my '91 200Q, which is due back from the shop on
Monday -- hopefully with its transmission woes cured.

I'm preaching to the choir here, I'm sure -- but this car is absolutely
*astounding*!  In flat-out acceleration, my 200Q would probably give it
a run for the money, but this car is very much more sophisticated: I
finally know what it means to "corner on rails", and the engine
redefines low-end torque.  You can tool around in *sixth* at 35 mph, for
crying out aloud! Accelerates like a jet fighter -- my cheek muscles are
tired from grinning continuously since Friday morning.

The onyx interior is terrific: the instrument panel lighting is
particularly good.  Still haven't completely figured out the climate
control and other gizmos.  HID headlights -- there's one thing in which
it improves a little on the 200Q :-|

Engine sounds are pretty subtle, but beautiful.  From reading about it,
the M3 is probably more visceral in that regard. (The new one will eat
the S4 for lunch, it sounds like).

Anyway, I'm thrilled.  I do get the feeling that cops in the next county
are watching me, though!


2000 S4
1991 200Q

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