[200q20v] pinnacle paintwork cleaner

Brett Dikeman brett at brettd.dsl.speakeasy.net
Sun May 20 08:55:40 EDT 2001

So, I was pretty upset wen recently a bottle of Pinacle seemed
-impossible- to work with; kept leaving super-super fine swirl lines and
it was impossible to buff off the car cleanly.  I was pretty pissed,
especially since I recommended it both in person to many people, and on
the list more than once.

Well, lo and behold a letter arrives in the mail(I was about to call
Monday), says they had a bad batch, email or call if I had a problem,
they'll send a free bottle right away.  Now that, ladies and gents, is
customer service.

There are some companies that actually do realize the value of customer
service; Classic Motoring Accessories and Pinnacle are two of them, and
Caig is the other(Caig shipped me a free bottle of DeOxit 50% when I
mentioned, offhand, that the pump design was horrible and had broken on
me, ruining the bottle.)

  Oh, speaking of recalls, anyone seen the goofy new Firestone
commercials, the ones with the "look at all the stock footage we had
lying around of people smiling while putting our tires together"?
  Note the CEO talks about all the work they've done to improve
-performance-.  Talk about PR spin...I don't think it was -performance-
that was the problem(more like, oh, say, design, manufacturing, quality
assurance, legal, policy, and corporate decision making practices, but
hey, who's counting?)

(been reading The Onion, and Suck.com, far too much recently :-)

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