[200q20v] New toy :-)

DAK dak at rochester.rr.com
Sun May 20 11:49:45 EDT 2001

Congrats on the new toy! (er, car..)
Per the M3 comment, my boss got a new one less than a month ago and I 
had the chance to drive it. It is a fast and tight car. Very fun to 
drive! I'd prefer the 4wd to the rwd + traction control. It put the 
brakes on (literally) a couple of time to stop the rear from sliding. 
Really need those front wheels pulling you also!
(before someone corrects me, I'm pretty sure they use a combination of 
throttle modulation and brake modulation to achieve the traction control).

So, when is Audi going to turn up the boost? A little more boost, a 
little more displacement, bingo faster than an M3 again... Can the V6 be 
punched out to 3 liters?

On another topic, can the V6 fit in the TT? Is that a transverse engine 
position? could borrow the VR6 and put a turbo on it....


Arun Rao wrote:

> Fellow Audi maniacs,
> To celebrate my mid-life crisis (I turn 40 in July), my lovely wife saw
> it fit to make me the proud owner of a 2000 S4 -- 26k on the clock,
> bright, screaming Imola Yellow.
> Still plan to keep my '91 200Q, which is due back from the shop on
> Monday -- hopefully with its transmission woes cured.
> I'm preaching to the choir here, I'm sure -- but this car is absolutely
> *astounding*!  In flat-out acceleration, my 200Q would probably give it
> a run for the money, but this car is very much more sophisticated: I
> finally know what it means to "corner on rails", and the engine
> redefines low-end torque.  You can tool around in *sixth* at 35 mph, for
> crying out aloud! Accelerates like a jet fighter -- my cheek muscles are
> tired from grinning continuously since Friday morning.
> The onyx interior is terrific: the instrument panel lighting is
> particularly good.  Still haven't completely figured out the climate
> control and other gizmos.  HID headlights -- there's one thing in which
> it improves a little on the 200Q :-|
> Engine sounds are pretty subtle, but beautiful.  From reading about it,
> the M3 is probably more visceral in that regard. (The new one will eat
> the S4 for lunch, it sounds like).
> Anyway, I'm thrilled.  I do get the feeling that cops in the next county
> are watching me, though!
> -Arun
> 2000 S4
> 1991 200Q
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