[200q20v] Autox'ing and Re New toy

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Sun May 20 18:30:14 EDT 2001

Hey All,

Did my first AutoX today.  Definetely equivalent to a car tailored, all out 
sprint.  Some pretty cool cars down there.  One of the fastest of the day 
was a Turbo Miata.  Saw the car take off, and wouldn't ya know I heard that 
familar whine under the hood.  Asked the owner, and sure enough, plumbed 
with a turbo.  Next time around I'm going to have to start messing with tire 
inflation, see if I can't trim some of that inherent understeer.  Oh, and I 
might need to work on braking for the corners a little sooner.

My question though is...I have a real good idea that my bomb is not what it 
once was, and in the really quick back to back turning sections I noticed 
steering boost dissapear several times.  I know that the accesories are 
hydraulicly assisted, so it makes sense to me that low reserves on the 
pressure accumulator could contribute to this problem.  Any other similar 
experience or impressions?  There's no weeping, leakage, or groaing, with 
the the rack, or the hydraulic pump, but I'm not leary to say the bomb is 
not up to spec.

Survey says?

And, somewhat off topic, with the S4, I'd say yes it is punchable to 3.0 
liters.  From what I remember, the Audi 2.8 6-cylinder is based on the 
VW/Audi 1.8 liter 4-cylinder architecture (bore and stroke); this same basic 
block also exists from the factory with an increased bore and stroke in a 
2.0 liter iteration (.0.5 liters/cylinder)  Do the math and you'll see a six 
cylinder with the same setup would breath to life with 3.0 liters of 
displacement.  In fact, the next generation A4 is arriving with a 3.0 
liter-6, but it is however coming from what I've heard with a block setup 
somewhat different than the 2.8.  Pretty sure they're using a longer stroke, 
more bore, and smoothing the engine out with balance shafts.

Your question about the TT-don't believe the V6 would fit in that car.  The 
car is based on the same chassis as the current generation golf, with a 
transverse engine layout.  In order to get a 6 in that car, think Vr6.  
Somebody might be able to shoehorn a V6 in the bay, but I'd it would be a 
laborious undertaking.

Derek Pulvino

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>Date: Sun, 20 May 2001 10:49:45 -0400
>From: DAK <dak at rochester.rr.com>
>To: Arun Rao <rao at pixar.com>
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>Subject: Re: [200q20v] New toy :-)
>Congrats on the new toy! (er, car..)
>Per the M3 comment, my boss got a new one less than a month ago and I
>had the chance to drive it. It is a fast and tight car. Very fun to
>drive! I'd prefer the 4wd to the rwd + traction control. It put the
>brakes on (literally) a couple of time to stop the rear from sliding.
>Really need those front wheels pulling you also!
>(before someone corrects me, I'm pretty sure they use a combination of
>throttle modulation and brake modulation to achieve the traction control).
>So, when is Audi going to turn up the boost? A little more boost, a
>little more displacement, bingo faster than an M3 again... Can the V6 be
>punched out to 3 liters?
>On another topic, can the V6 fit in the TT? Is that a transverse engine
>position? could borrow the VR6 and put a turbo on it....
>    David
>Arun Rao wrote:
> > Fellow Audi maniacs,
> >
> > To celebrate my mid-life crisis (I turn 40 in July), my lovely wife saw
> > it fit to make me the proud owner of a 2000 S4 -- 26k on the clock,
> > bright, screaming Imola Yellow.
> >
> > Still plan to keep my '91 200Q, which is due back from the shop on
> > Monday -- hopefully with its transmission woes cured...
> >

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