[200q20v] RE: 200q20v digest, Vol 1 #405 - 11 msgs

Mark Trank MTrank at exch.co.albemarle.va.us
Mon May 21 13:03:20 EDT 2001

I didn't think that the 200 was available as a quattro in 1991 with anything
but the 20 valve configuration.  Is there a 91 200 quattro nonturbo 10v?

In a message dated 5/20/01 9:38:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
r-tav at concentric.net writes:

> Hi list - wondered if I could get opinions on a possible purchase. I'm 
> thinking about adding to the '91 TQ A, and acquire a sedan model - same 
> but apparently has an automatic transmission. I enjoy the manual on the 
>  but the auto might be a nice change of pace. Any thoughts on 20V/auto 
> combination? Should I hold out for another manual? Pros/Cons would be 
> appreciated. I have deliberately not seen the car yet, as I wanted to 
> info from the experts on the list. Thanks for the thoughts - Steve Arthur
>  '91 TQ A
>  '93 S4

If the car is an automatic 200q, it is not a 20vt, but a 10vt.
If you get a 10vt auto, and chip it, you're potentially risking the tranny.

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