[200q20v] RE: 200q20v digest, Vol 1 #405 - 11 msgs

hah at srv.net hah at srv.net
Mon May 21 12:06:00 EDT 2001

>I didn't think that the 200 was available as a quattro in 1991 with 
>but the 20 valve configuration.  Is there a 91 200 quattro nonturbo 10v?

The Canadian market in 1991 had essentially the same car as sold in the US 
as the 1989.5-1990 200 quattro - 5 speed, MC-2 engine. But there is no such 
thing anywhere as a 200 nonturbo, that's what the "200" denotes over the 
"100" that is basically the same chassis, a turbo (except for the odd 100 
turbo in Europe). There is probably such a thing as a 1991 100 quattro 
nonturbo 10v, but I wouldn't think they are very fun. I think most 1991 
100s are fwd, automatic and even less fun. The 1991 200 fwd (10v turbo, 
auto) is also in the "less fun" category, to me anyway.


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