[200q20v] 95.5 changer and magazine fiasco

Tiberius Gaius c123666 at earthlink.net
Mon May 21 16:59:05 EDT 2001

We asked for help on this topic some time ago; it is yet to be resolved.
The plot grows thicker.

Our 95.5 S6 Avant was delivered to us by Pretige Imports in Lakewood,
Colorado.  We noted upon picking up the car, in California, that the CD
changer was missing its magazine.  So, the changer was useless.  We advised
the dealer; the dealer sent out the replacement magazine.  We tried to put
it in the changer; it would not fit.  The magazine is a little too wide AND
too thick to insert; no amount of lube will help here.

I went and pulled out the CD changer to see if, perhaps, another Audi 6 disc
changer made its way into this car.  The part number on this OEM Audi 6
disch changer is : 8D0 035 111.  The parts department at Prestige Motors
confirmed that this is the correct changer.  Same parts department also says
that I have the correct magazine which is audi part number 4D0 051 179 but
it does not fit.

I am gettting ready to send the changer and magazine to the parts department
in Colorado so they can sort it out.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom beyond "good luck" on this one?  The
parts guy even had a magazine in front of him and took its measurements; it
appears to be the same one that I have.  This does not make sense; help!



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> So I wonder if you could just buy the RC rims outright from a place like
> tirerack and then purchase the centercaps from Audi and save some mega
> $$$...
> Chris
> '91 200q20v
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> > Looks like the same BBS RC that Audi offers for the A6.
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> > Mitch Frey
> > '00 A6 2.7t
> > '91 200tq20v IA Stage 3
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