[200q20v] Autox'ing and Re New toy

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Brandon et al.,
I never had the problem you mention, but I have been able to "beat"
the power steering in my 5ktq while autocrossing. This may have contributed
to the hydraulic failure of the PS pump and brake booster, as they may
have been marginal to begin with.

I hesitate to subject my 200q to similar use because of this concern.


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I have heard multiple times over the years that Audi's PS system just can't
keep up with the autoX steering inputs.  I've never done an AutoX in my car,
but my wife has.  while she did not experience the loss in assist that
others have reported (I'm remembering a report from Thompson Smith years
ago) When I lifted the hood, everything was sprayed with Pentosin.  I
assumed that the pump overpressurized the system trying to keep up, and
<some-how> blew it back through the resevoir cap breather hole.

Brandon H
eS2, (CQ ps/pb system similar though allegedly improved)

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